Another kind of Neptune Transit, Hello Jupiter (and Uranus)

Well, I’ve had a few weeks and still I’ve only just begun the Neptune transit to my Moon and Mercury. In the meantime, I have also discovered (I’m a little slow) that Neptune is just moving away from a Quincunx or Inconjunct to my natal Uranus/Jupiter conjunction.This makes sense as I have been questioning my belief system (Jupiter and Neptune ruled) quite a bit. Had a long talk with a very nice, devout Christian and even borrowed a bible to see if there was anything I had missed when I passed Christianity by. I found out there wasn’t. It was as I remembered and I couldn’t reconcile my personal relationship with God/Goddess with the guy they were talking about in the Book. This is not a slam to any Christians out there, I have the greatest respect for all paths leading to Spirit. This is just my personal quest and where The Great Spirit has lead me in this life. But, during this transit I was very open to new ideas and now that Neptune is moving away I find that one cannot deny one’s own expereinces and connections to the world even if others (or even temporarily, you!) think they are wrong. This much I learned, and not for the first time I might add. Now that Neptune is leaving my Jupiter/Uranus conjunction Uranus is giving me back the courage, nay the impetus, to hold to my own truth no matter what. With Uranus it is always about your truth or the absolute truth in any situation you find yourself in, and you had better be real about it, no matter what. So I have come full circle and find myself back where I was at the beginning of this journey. It was not for nothing though. It had been years since I took a look at other religions. It was time to explore them again. I was so much younger then, I may have gotten it wrong. It is good to know that I didn’t. At least, not for me. I feel more sure of myself and perhaps just a little frustrated that, as I told my Christian friend: “The game is rigged.” I cannot just decide to be something I am not because it is easier and far less lonely.