An Astrology Blog? Well, sort of.

Moon over CWC 2006

My blog isn’t quite like other astrology blogs. Oh, did you know this was an astrology blog? If you didn’t, it’s because I am more about living my life than checking my transits. That is not to say I never check my transits. I do. Whenever I can’t make sense of some part of my life or when something interesting is going on to see if it is reflected in a chart. Even though I have been an astrologer for decades, I still like to test astrology. I hate the idea of just using something on faith without checking it out once in a while. One nice thing about astrology is its practitioners don’t care if you have questions. Actually, they’d prefer it. There is nothing to believe in here, it’s a tool and it just works…most of the time. Well, nothing is perfect is it?

Most astrologers tend to separate their every-day lives from their interest in astrology. This is natural as most of us suspect that the general public isn’t going to be interested in the topic and more importantly, they won’t understand the terms we use. My problem with separating astrological blogs from mainstream blogs is that no one gets to see it in action. It isn’t integrated into our every-day lives and that is unfortunate because astrology can show and tell so much about our inner lives. Those inner lives, in so many ways, dictate our outer lives.

When I started this blog I wanted to try out the idea that people would be very interested if only they could see how astrology fits in with the world and was able to observe it working. I’ve started small but my intention is to add more articles along this line all the time. As soon as I can find more transparent and interesting ways to do it!

One helpful and beautiful thing about astrology is that it encompasses everything in the world and beyond! So I don’t have to stick to one idea or one topic. Astrology is reflected in what I say, what I do, and what is going on outside my house. It’s a metaphysical parallel periodic table of elements that describes what everyone is thinking and doing and why they are thinking and doing it. It also talks about life’s processes, nature, politics, culture, history, and even allows us to see the mysterious inner machinations of Great Spirit him/her self.

As far as the technical terms that sometimes come up, there aren’t that many, usually one can get the jist of what is being said, plus I will do my best to explain. If you are still confused, well, there is always the information highway to consult. You know, the internet! Just Google it.

I am an astrologer but I have many interests and that is reflected here on this blog. My main goal in life is to be whole and healthy in as many ways as possible: mentally, emotionally, and physically and to help others do the same.

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