My book: Earth Rise

Just Released for 2014!

Earth Rise

The Case for Studying and Using Earth in Astrology

From the original article published in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine a new book and a new concept in astrology.


  • Effects of the Earth’s omission in astrology
  • What will likely shift and why
  • Complete symbology of Earth
  • Earth rulership for Taurus
  • Taurus in depth
  • Saturn’s new role
  • The Sun/Earth opposition and what it means
  • All about the element earth
  • Earth in signs/houses/aspect

Earth Rise is a comprehensive exploration of the earth element and the symbology of planet Earth as a tool for astrologers, metaphysicians, occultists, shamans, readers, and the curious layperson. This is also the book that takes Earth seriously as a contributing planet in astrology and argues that Earth should be the rightful ruler of the sign of Taurus. Detailed delineations of Earth signs and houses are included.

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2 thoughts on “My book: Earth Rise”

  1. Hi:

    I am not an astrologer, and I wonder how can I calculate what my Earth Sign is based on my birth date and time?


    1. Hi Molly!
      Sorry I am so slow to answer. Life has been crazy for me this year. In answer to your question, you do not have to be an astrologer to get your Earth sign. It is easy. What ever your Sun sign is, the opposite sign is your earth sign. Look at any natural zodiac wheel, that is, one that starts with Aries and look to the one that is 180 degrees from your sign. The opposite of Aries is Libra, etc. If you still have any trouble, drop me another line and tell me your Sun and I will answer a lot faster this time! Thanks.C

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