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What do you know about yourself? Even if you have a decent self-awareness the wonderful thing about astrology is that it allows you to go deeper. Astrology offers amazing insights into the human condition and personality. Everyone has their own unique way of thinking, feeling, and doing. We operate on many emotional and psychological levels at once. Some of these levels are familiar to us and some run in the background like forgotten software programs still having quite an influence on our lives. As a reader of this ancient language I am here to remind you of all that you are and give you some perspective on yourself. With a greater self-understanding the psychological auto-pilot gets turned off and you are free to make new choices and improve your life situation.

Having a bad day or even a bad year?

Every day we are faced with challenges from the outside world. Solving personal problems to our satisfaction depends on an understanding of why we have them and how they relate to our unique personality.

Astrological advice can help you:

– reconnect with your own inner compass

– understand and support yourself

– adjust negative behavioral patterns

– help you set more realistic goals

– use your strengths

– get clarity on what is happening in your life and why

– work within your present circumstances to achieve a state of satisfaction

Make the most of who you are!

“Astrology does not tell you what choice to make it tells you about the choices you have” C.W.

My fee is 75.00 an hour and the sessions are generally about an hour at a time. You can come once or as often as you like. If you would like more information or to make an appointment, please call Cynthia: 208 263-1092  “Bad Days Made Better!” Over 50 years of experience